About Us

SpinWrap, LLC is a Midwest-based company founded in 2012 by Sally Broten, a reining horse breeder, owner and road-warrior competitor who wasted lots of time re-wrapping bandages and polo wraps by hand. 
SpinWrap was formed in an effort to fill an unmet need to create a motorized tool to re-wrap bandages faster, consistently and easily.  Whether you care for your horses legs yourself or have staff that you trust with the task - SpinWrap will save you time and money.
Sally and Mega Ditto demonstrating bridless reining and the USA Olympic team trials at the Kentucky Horse Park.
Sally Broten raises, campaigns and competes on reining horses.  The overall care and well-being of the horses has always been a priority at Sally Broten Horse Company and that includes wrapping horses legs.  Standing wraps, shipping wraps, exercise wraps and competition wraps are all part of the daily routine in the Western and English, breed shows and discipline associations, race tracks and polo games all over the world.  Hours have been invested in the wrapping and consequently, the re-wrapping of bandages.  That task led to the seed-planting question... "Isn't there a faster and easier way to re-wrap these polos?"  We bought a bunch of gadgets out there - mostly hand crank models that required one-hand untangling and a couple tool shed motorized versions that worked fine but were not readily available to the horse world.  With a bit of head scratching and a bunch of trials and a few errors - we are happy and proud to offer the coolest, must-have, new tool on the equine market.  This has truly been a labor of love, only possible with help and support of family and friends.  This is a good place to thank them...

Brooke Broten Meier - thanks for setting up the books.

Larissa Broten - thanks for all the social media/marketing work.

  Mark Herman - Mark is an amazing graphic artist commissioned to design logos for the Breeders Cup, New York City marathon and is best known for his nostalgic landmark original works.  He also has art in the Smithsonian!  And, he created the SpinWrap logo and helped with the tool design.  Thank you, Marky.  (please visit his website and shop) numericpress.com/
   Michael Crouser - Mike shot the photos of the SpinWrap tool.  That felt like such a big day - like the 2-year project was getting close the finish line.  Mike was recently featured in Cowboys & Indians magazine Cowboys-Indians/March-2015/Michael-Crouser/  Thank you, Mike.  (please visit his website and shop) michaelcrouser.com/