A friend of a friend.

March 19, 2015 Sally Broten

It all started about 3 years ago around St. Paddy's Day.  A new-ish friend (we have evolved into being really good friends) invited me to a dinner of corned-beef and cabbage.  She also invited a new-ish boyfriend (they did not last long).  So at this dinner the boyfriend and I chat it up and he asked what I did.  Another friend chimed in saying that I did "the horse thing".  I was the solo "horse thing" guest at the table and they mostly glaze over if I talk about barn stuff - so I told my fancy dinner party neighbor that I was trying to make a thing to use in the barn, it has a motor and spins and there's not anything like it on the market.  Well!  His face lit up (might have been the green beers) and shared that he owned an Asian import business and if I had a sample of this thing he could send it to "his people" and they would make me a bunch and it could be a done deal - eezy-peezy! 

That conversation planted the seed to take action and move on from the "I have a good idea" stage of the process.  No, I did not end up going the China made/import but this friend of a friend, Mike (his name is Mike) spent a few weeks guiding me in a direction that lead to other direction and here we are!  Tool made, trademarked and patent pending.